9- Basse Valli di Lanzo, Alto Canavese, La Mandria, Val Ceronda e Casternone


Excursional detail map in scale of 1:25000
Performed in collaboration with CAI the department of Lanzo

Municipalities interest of cartography:
Balangero, Barbania, Busano, Cafasse, Canischio, Cantoira, Ceres, Ciriè, Coassolo, Corio, Cuorgnè, Fiano, Forno, Front, Germagnano, Grosso, La Cassa, Lanzo, Levone, Mathi, Mezzenile, Monastero, Nole, Pertusio, Pessinetto, Prascorsano, Pratiglione, Rivara, Rivarossa, Robassomero, Rocca, S. Carlo, S. Colombano, S. Francesco, S. Maurizio, S. Ponso, Traves, Vallo, Valperga, Varisella, Vauda, Villanova, Viù.

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Waterproof and tear-resistant.

For the realization of this paper map, hundreds of km has been walked on streets and paths, recording routes with gps technology.
This job technique allows us to obtain a precise collocation of all the useful elements for a hiker.
The paper is based on the creation of a complete geographic database, organized on the GIS software with the following levels:

  • Excursional information (shelters, bivouacs, unwatched refuges, climbing walls, equipped areas, places of interest, routes fitted, dangerous passages, etc..)
  • Cartographic legends and general information ( entirely translated in English, French, German)
    Specific elements such us fountains, piles, crosses, access restrictions, caves etc.
  • Ski-alpine runs
  • mountain bike runs
  • Primary and secondary path network
  • Designation of paths and excursional routes.
  • Complete road network.
  • Land typology (Woodlands, glaciers, stony grounds etc.)
  • Lakes, rivers, canals
  • National, regional, provincial, local borders, national parks
  • Curves of 50m, 10m, 5m equidistance
  • Buildings, industries, churches, cemeteries
  • Military buildings, fortifications
  • Complete toponymy
  • Railway stations, highway exits
  • Big Bench

This paper has also a metric grid shown in a frame according the UTM WGS84 projection.