Walking in high Val Susa (ITALIANO)


A border to cross happily. Secular hills crossed by innumerable paths and mule trails once essential for people of the Valley and armies. Many military roads with their perfect inclination, their strong pavement and the walls in stone that, watched from top, seem a growing waltz. The job of the stone in mountain exalts the embankments, it draws hairpin bends underlining curves , wood ennobles residences. Let you drive along some of these paths in an exuberant nature walking on the thread of the terrestrial and intimate borders, looking for natural beauties combined with our more important, sometimes using the last strengths to gain the last meters that separate us from the destination that becomes a starting point for a new challenge.
The mountain as a land of life training.
We have chosen a different kind of excursions from the easy walking, to a more demanding walk, so that everyone can find his own excursion.




She lives in Claviere and she is native of Sauze di Cesana. She grew up in this environment of natural beauty, she has three passions, her land, the fortifications and photos that are the starting point of her books:
Discovering Claviere
The Chaberton and the Fortifications of the Tagliata di Claviere
From the Infernet to the Janus
The primer of the Gondrans
The Winning Mountains of 2006

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