MTB – E-BIKE Valle Stura di Demonte


This paperguide by MTB and E-Bike has been realized to create a complete and updated guide to who wants to explore the Valle stura by bike.

In the cartography in addiction to classic paths, it is possible to find underlined and numbered all the itineraries of interest of the territory that has been classified in practices tables classified in areas with a series of technical data:

-point and height of departure
-maximum height
-meters of total positive gradient
-distance in km
-difficulty of slope and descent
-exposure to the risk

Furthermore, all the places where is possible to find receptive structures that offer useful services to the bicyclist are signed in, with a practical QR Code that it guide you to the web page that lists in the detail the structures and all their services.
You can choose the most suitable itinerary and consult the run and the typologies of ground on the map. There are finally some explanatory charts of the difficulty and risk levels.
With this paperguide you can always organize your trips in the best way, having a practical reference on the territory.



• MTB and And-Bike itineraries
• Informative tables(-point and height of departure, maximum height , meters of total positive gradient, distance in km, difficulty of slope and descent, exposure to the risk)
• Explanatory tables of reference scales due to difficulty and exposure to injury risk
• Place in which it is possible to find receptive structures that offer useful services to the bicyclist, with QR Code to see in the detail the services.
• Excursional information (shelters, bivouacs, unwatched refuges, climbing walls, equipped areas, places of interest, routes fitted, dangerous passages, etc..)
• Specific elements such us fountains, piles, crosses, access restrictions etc.
• Primary and secondary path network
• Naming hiking trails and itineraries
• Complete road network
• Land typology (Woodlands, glaciers, stony grounds etc.)
• Lakes, rivers, canals
• National, regional, provincial, local borders, national parks
• Curves of 50m, 10m, 5m equidistance
• Buildings, industries, churches, cemeteries
• Military buildings, fortifications
• Complete toponymy
• Railway stations, highway exits

This paper has also a metric grid shown in a frame according the UTM WGS84 projection.

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