S-01 Ski mountaineering in Valle di Susa


by Stefania Sada

Skiing and snowboarding in the Valle di Susa.
Far away from the frenzy of the skiing fittings, to the rediscovery of isolated valleys, where the nature still dominates uncontested.
In a valley of passage known for the speed, with this paperguide it is possible to climb to your own footstep, enjoying of amazing landscapes. You can reach the top and enjoy the satisfaction of the peak, after that you can try amazing slopes, always taking into consideration all the risks, artva always turned on, shovel and probe in the backpack!
Good Winter…. But especially Good Spring!!!
135 excursions, that offer the possibility to space, between the brief walk and the most challenging and intense trip, up to reach the sustained and exciting inclinations of the skiing
Cartography in scale of 1:25000
Routes classified in Volo Scale and Blachère scale
All the Ski mountaineering info organized in serviceable tables.
Printed on both sides, using very light polypropylene sheets, waterproof, tear-resistant and recyclable. For a not heavy backpack, a guide you can use also if you have wet gloves!

Cartography in scale of 1:25000
ISBN 978-88-97465-12-6



Waterproof and tear-resistant.

For the realization of this paper map, hundreds of km has been walked on streets and paths, recording routes with gps technology.
This job technique allows us to obtain a precise collocation of all the useful elements for a hiker.
The paper is based on the creation of a complete geographic database, organized on the GIS software with the following levels:

  • Excursional information (shelters, bivouacs, unwatched refuges, climbing walls, equipped areas, places of interest, routes fitted, dangerous passages, etc..)
  • Cartographic legends and general information ( entirely translated in English, French, German)
    Specific elements such us fountains, piles, crosses, access restrictions, caves etc.
  • Ski-alpine runs
  • mountain bike runs
  • Primary and secondary path network
  • Designation of paths and excursional routes.
  • Complete road network.
  • Land typology (Woodlands, glaciers, stony grounds etc.)
  • Lakes, rivers, canals
  • National, regional, provincial, local borders, national parks
  • Curves of 50m, 10m, 5m equidistance
  • Buildings, industries, churches, cemeteries
  • Military buildings, fortifications
  • Complete toponymy
  • Railway stations, highway exits
  • Big Bench

This paper has also a metric grid shown in a frame according the UTM WGS84 projection.

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